About Project

#CommutersOfLA was Co-developed from October 2017 through August 2018 with Outfront/JcDecaux to document the communities within Los Angeles that use Outfront/JcDecaux bus shelters. The project aimed to share the stories of artists, community members and transit enthusiasts that use Outfront/Jcdecaux bus shelters on a daily basis, in hopes of highlighting their diversity and empowering others to use Local Transit.

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Commuters Of LA

My roots stem from street photography and through the process of meeting people while doing photography, I specialized in building genuine connections and getting to know my communities. The Commuters Of LA Photography Project exemplifies this foundational core in my values with it’s unique approach on street photography and deep admiration for the diversity of our communities.

My Experience

I set a goal to gather 5 stories each week and photographed over 200 unique people around the 15 districts that make up The Los Angeles County. Each story consisted of developing a conversation with people and documenting their experiences and opinions on the state of transit. Some impactful testimonies came from commuters that shared their struggles and used the platform to open discussions on prominent issues affecting Los Angeles.

I used this opportunity to provide commuters support by giving out TAP cards, providing free creative services and even found myself guiding commuters and tourists around the city to reach their destinations safely. Through this journey, I also developed partnerships with prominent members in the Transit Community to highlight social issues, promote impactful changes and discuss the future of transit. At times, I even found myself running into my friends waiting for the bus, and a few times I got to reconnect with people I had previously met at other events.

This project and many like it continue through the amazing work of Outfront/Jcdecaux in their continuous effort to open creative opportunities for the communities they serve.



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